Drive a steam locomotive

Get a taste of driving a full size standard gauge steam locomotive in the beautiful surroundings at the Royal Deeside Railway.

For anyone who has a passion for the age of steam, this taster driving experience is not to be missed. You’ll learn to drive 'Salmon', an Andrew Barclay full size steam locomotive along the length of the Royal Deeside Railway.  Upon arrival at the railway, you will receive a short safety briefing, and then you will be directed to the footplate of the steam locomotive.

Here you will be met by an expert instructor who will guide you thoroughly through the controls and explain the controls which you will use to drive the steam engine. Once he feels you have gained sufficient confidence, you will take complete control as you drive the full length of the line. Your instructor will remain with you for guidance throughout, and the instruction is all one-on-one, so you will have his full attention at all times.

The course is structured so that two attendees are in the driving cab simultaneously, whilst one is driving the other has the opportunity to have a go at stoking the fire, or they can simply enjoy the ride.

This is a unique experience, something really special that will make the gift of a ticket a present to remember.  The course is structured for two attendees, so it is possible to book for two people at a time, however if you only require a single ticket, then just book for a single, and the railway will undertake to fill the second place.  The experience will typically last between 45 - 60 minutes.

Obviously, the cab of the steam locomotive is not the cleanest of places.  The railway will provide protective gloves, however it is suggested that ‘sensible’ clothing is worn i.e. no open toe shoes, shorts or short sleeves.

If you are interested in organising a coroporate event where more than two people experience the chance to drive a full size steam locomotive, then please contact our Charter Organiser HERE.

Minimum age : 16 years

Location : Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Price : ONLY £90 for a 1 hour session

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A certificate is supplied by email at the time of booking, which you may wish to print out and include with a card if the steam driving session is intended as a gift.  The driver will also receive another certificate on completion of the session, as shown below.


All trainee drivers also receive a laminated colour certificate as a souvenir of their experience.

Please note, a maximum of two persons per session can be accommodated due to footplate space restrictions.

Each driver may invite a maximum of five guests

to ride in the attached Brake van.

Please note that any changes to bookings will incur a fee of £5 to cover administration costs, payable over the shop counter on the day of your visit.  

Changes to the date cannot be made within 14 days of the booked date.