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The Royal Deeside Railway Preservation Society and the Deeside Railway Company, the bodies established to develop and operate the railway, are 100% voluntary organisations with no paid members or staff. The railway is thus totally reliant upon the generosity of its volunteers to give of their time with the only reward a deep sense of satisfaction that they have contributed to a tremendous and challenging community project. The railway certainly reflects the motto, “By the Community, for the Community”.

The railway attracts and involves a diverse range of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, the vast majority of whom have never worked in the railway industry, but all of whom have a keen interest in contributing to their community and in making an impact in whatever way they can. Age or inexperience is certainly not a barrier, with one of the attractions being young and old working together, exchanging knowledge and enthusiasm.

Developing and running a railway is a complex business, so be assured, there is a task or role for everyone, whatever their skill, interest, ability, or the amount of time that can be given.

The railway, as mentioned above, consists of two bodies, however all personnel working at the railway do so following the procedures and under the safety management system of the Deeside Railway Company, it being the designated operator of the railway. The safety of volunteers is of paramount importance and concern, so training is given wherever necessary and all activities are undertaken under experienced supervision until an individual gains a sufficient level of experience and knowledge.

Tasks can be broadly split into four areas of activity

     Infrastructure development;




Within infrastructure development, tasks or positions include:

     Path laying;

     Fence erecting;

     Track laying;

     Carriage and wagon restoration;

     Construction (bridges, stations, sheds, etc.);

     Crane operator;

     Fork lift operator.

Within operations, tasks or positions include:

     Catering – food preparation, buffet car staffing;

     Retail – station shop and ticket office

     Train driver;

     Train guard;


     Station master.

Within maintenance, tasks or positions include:

     Mechanic – equipment, locomotive, wagon and carriage maintenance;

     Electrician – station, locomotive, wagon and carriage maintenance;

     Painter– station, infrastructure, locomotive, wagon and carriage maintenance;

     Station upkeep – cleaning, flower beds, hanging baskets, plant tubs;

     Landscaping – tree pruning, grass cutting, ditch clearing.

     Track inspection;

     Bridge inspection;

Administration duties include:



     development of educational material;

     public relations - advertising, promotion, permanent and portable displays;


The list goes on and on. One thing we'll certainly never be short of is something to do and something we could always do with more of is volunteers.

If you would like to know more about what we do or how your skill set, time and efforts can help, click HERE to email the Society secretary in the first instance who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and get you in touch with the right department.  We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Keith Robertson          

Managing Director

Deeside Railway Company

James West


Royal Deeside Railway Preservation Society